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Cricket Wireless Poor Data Streams

Cricket Wireless is a so-called Cellular Phone Provider for alleged services that relate to cell phone telecommunications and data streaming for modern-day cell phone technologies, like Apps, that people are supposed to be able to use for business and personal leisure. Cricket Wireless Company formed on the 17th Day of March in the year 1999 [A.D.] according to public business records. The corporation was formed on North American soil under the corporate STATE OF ILLINOIS doing business at North America. Since the cellular corporation's formation, it was supposed to provide competitive cellular phone services to the people via the cell phone technologies that have been supposed to only benefit the public, never harm. In recent years, cellular phone companies, like Cricket Wireless, have begun adopting harmful cellular phone technology integrations that have proven to be harmful to humanity. Consequently, after accumulating so much financial power off of the people, by ignorant dependence, disguised as convenience, societies all over North America have become entrapped into using cellular phones as a part of their everyday lives involving their communications with friends, family, associates, and for business in general (like work for their overall survival). Cellular phone company owners have taken it upon themselves to not only abuse technology, by empowering themselves in their profiteering endeavors, as a direct result of the hefty profits received through their overpriced alleged services that cater only to the owners and employees to the corporations receiving finance for their livelihoods, but the owners have implemented aspects of the cellular technologies (like dangerous frequency towers) that have proven to cause harm to human beings. Of course, the compromised racketeering news and social media agencies are "bought-off" as to not reveal the types of public information that would allow the average person to make wise and sound decisions, by not supporting cellular phone corporations abusing the finance often exploited from the public by deception, in ways like not supporting 5G technologies and the hidden agendas behind such technologies, known by scientists who have studied the ill side effects of such technologies. Cricket Wireless Company has spent twenty four (24) years building-up a dependency and reliance by its said 'Customers', only to recently start implementing compromising aspects of the alleged said 'Services' the corporate owners claim to provide to the public.

Original Article Date: 23 May 2023 [A.D.]

Image of the Cricket Wireless Logo

The world became overly-dependent on cellular services owned by corporate persons stationed at North America for commerce only. Cell phones reached high levels of popularity in the early 2000's, only to gain dependency through the decommission of house phones from the dissolution of traditional land line phone companies. The integration of cellular phones was a time-released tactic by corporate persons controlling economies all over the world, who have been fully aware of the available types of technologies that humanity would enjoy for entertainment purposes, then become ultimately reliant upon in dangerous ways. It is no mystery to those who sustain intelligent cognizance, how certain technologies have been known about decades before their release to the mainstream public. Such carefully guarded secrets have been protected by global elitists, who found (or stole) ancient records pertaining to Earth's true history, which they kept among themselves for the control of mass populations all over the world. Cellular technologies have been one of the hidden technologies that was released during a period of time, where the profiteering elitists saw it fit to finally reveal something that the unsuspecting would marvel over and become dependent on for so-called "convenience"; not realizing that such "convenience" would quickly turn into long-term control.

Billions of people all over the Earth rely on technology like cell phones, as cell phones have already become the prominent means of people communicating with one another. With something so simple as carrying around a pocket-sized device, where the average person can call another person and speak with them through voice communications for whatever purposes, as well as now be able to use said 'Apps' that offer various functionalities that specifically cater to a person's thought-process, ambition, motivation, spirituality, interests, and even enhancements. The cellular phone companies who produce the technologies for the average person to become dependent on, have been well aware of the extreme profits they would receive by integrating cell phones into society, even though they are not needed. More or less, the use of cell phones have been a mechanism to give the owners of the technologies an advantage over the people who use the technologies, as every cell phone in modern days, is equipped with hidden technologies that can track each user and even invade into their personal lives without permission. Cell phones come equipped with cameras, video recording technology, and even audio recording technology. Along with other technologies, like video players and audio players, cell phones have been a device hub for the average person to have practically every entertaining aspect of life, right in the palm of their hands via the cell phone. Even children have been given access to the so-called "convenience" of cellular technologies.

With the passiveness in the mindset of the average person, ignoring the dangers of cellular technologies produced by those who only seek to profit and control, it has made things easy for the owners of the corporations that produce the technologies to manipulate the public. Reports have been compiling the many complaints 'Customers' to cellular service companies, like Cricket Wireless, have been making in regard to the outsourced poor Customer Service of practically all of the major cellular phone companies. In addition, the sub-par alleged services that cellular phone companies have been claiming to provided to their customers has been very questionable.

One of the primary complaints being made by a competent public, are the overpriced monthly plans charged by cellular service companies, who have never really proved the integrity of their so-called 'Services'. What the public experiences involving any type of proven said 'Services' provided by cellular service companies, are a bunch of advertising campaigns and commercials (i.e. Commerce), making claims that have never truly been tried and tested over lengthy periods of time, by high integrity natural people who give transparent, hands-on testing of any of the alleged 'Services' alleged to be provided by any cellular phone company. This is the type of deception that reliant 'Customers' experience with cellular service companies, yet they still spend their hard-earned finance in their dependency upon the "convenience" trap that has also become a necessity based upon what they spent years building on with purchasing high-priced cell phones, sustaining consistent phone numbers for stability in their contacts, and using the cell phone devices themselves for whatever storage capabilities they possess... all for the sake of such "convenience".

Another complaint that cellular companies, like Cricket Wireless, have been receiving relates to the data streams that their cell phones are supposed to be receiving. The world experienced the so-called upgrades to cellular phone data speeds, having begun with 2G, then to 3G, then to 4G, now at 5G, without ever having questioned each data speed, the technologies behind them and how such technologies affect the average person on a grand public scale. Also, the data streaming for said 'downloads', when downloading information, documents, audio, video, and even games, has yet to be fully addressed for what each and every customer to cellular services is actually "paying for". It has been known by those who have been keeping track records, that based upon what each said 'Customer' is paying for in the cellular services on a monthly basis, that data transfer should be far better than what it has proven to be in modern days, simply based upon the technology speed upgrades (i.e. 2G to 3G, 3G to 4G, and 4G to 5G). However, many, many people still complain about data streams and downloading speeds of meager file sizes (like 100 MB), even though based upon technological advancements and file size standards, the average file size used by cell phone owners / users ranges anywhere from 500 MB to 1 GB, which the advancements in cell phone technologies are supposed to be able to easily handle and accommodate by such advancement standards. Apparently, based upon so many complaints, it does not seem to be the reality that cellular service companies are providing to their customers what their customers are actually "paying for". In fact, it has been reported that the average cellular service companies have been cheating their said 'Customers' by providing sub-par so-called 'Services' at aggregate monthly pricing, after charging their customers very high-priced cell phones (ranging from $100.00 to $1,000.00 USD). For a market that is not even really needed, many of the corporate benefactors have been truly abusing their customers for years in the cellular service industry.

Overall, it is extremely important that people who subscribe to any cellular service company, to make certain that they demand the best of products and services, at the best of prices affordable to the people. If cellular service companies cannot provide such high integrity services (which includes non-invasive technology and strict privacy standards to genuinely protect every Customer), then they should not be allowed to even be in business. There has been no excuse for cellular service companies, like Cricket Wireless, to mistreat (and even abuse) their customers financially. Cricket Wireless has been one of the known cellular phone companies (although merged with AT&T), to abuse their customers with erroneous late charges on prepaid subscriber accounts (30 Days of Prepaid Services at a time - No Contract / Obligation) and poor data streams that prove to be slow and below cellular technology standards in 2023 [A.D.].

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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