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Colonizers Show True Colors By Social Media

It is no mystery how the extreme influence of social media, since the early years of 2000 [A.D.], has given Caucasian / European colonizers at North America an abusive political and social advantage to force their agendas against the masses, portraying as 'Freedom of Speech'. In actually, much slander takes place against all natural people of 'African-descent' via social media, whether they are selected to be made examples of for alleged "crimes", or simply to place a negative image to both competent and incompetent onlookers / spectators, to trigger emotional responses from weary communities, that lead to extreme "trolling" and online / offline slander, hate, and division of people of said 'African-descent'. These types of issues take place quite often and are yet to be corrected by profiteering Social Media agencies capitalizing on the attention they receive, the negativity they attract, and the profits the actual owners and shareholders of the corporations reap by people attacking Al Moroccans / Americans, who are the rightful heirs to the estate that all corporations live off of, whether they know it or not. As a part of the ongoing dilemmas of hatred promoted by colonizers of Caucasian / European-descent at North America, for their being exposed for what they have done to aboriginal and indigenous people for centuries, the financially privileged (through stolen wealth) colonizers continue their onslaughts of supporting commercial mercenary activities outside of their very own malicious intentions to injure those whose lands they have been colonizing for hundreds of years. With the exposure of corporate colonialism in 2023 [A.D.] and the very colonizers who are angry for being exposed, it seems their karma has been rapidly catching up with them. While Caucasians / Europeans continue to prepare for their hostile activities against natural people of said 'African-descent' at North America, they keep throwing logs into their flames of hatred, ever burning and never quenched by their dark desire to be savage and spiteful towards aboriginal and indigenous people all over the globe. It is North America, where colonizers have become extremely "spoiled" and very arrogant over the decades of deceptive and fraudulent forms of commerce, misprision of treason, and acts of overall genocide against those of said 'African-descent', who may or may not know of their rightful, lawful status as heirs to the estate. Consequently, there are still many unconscious and unrealized heirs to the estate, who have been playing into the hands of colonizing con-artists, manipulators, and violent aggressors for a very, very long time. Slander by misidentification as anything other than aboriginal and indigenous people by national origin and actual heirs of said 'African-descent', is one of the major problems caused specifically by colonizers at North America. When one does careful research, anyone can clearly see how modern-day colonizers use media, television, radio, social media, and other media technology, to control the minds of billions as 'chattel property', geared to convince them to take part in their madness of colonial, global supremacy against natural people of said 'African-descent'.

Original Article Date: 25 February 2023 [A.D.]

Image of privileged colonialism at North America that empowers Caucasians / Europeans to unjustly claim self defense leading to offensive violence in reverse psychology, in their historical deception against natural people of said 'African-descent'. Misprision of Treason against aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans has been dramatically unfolding through corporate State administrations, like the STATE OF FLORIDA, and colonizers have real intentions in exterminating copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', who have been "catching-on" to exactly what colonizers have been doing against them for decades. As Caucasians / Europeans (and their foreign allies from other countries) have been keeping themselves heavily armed and dangerous, their true intentions are apparent in modern-days.

In support of bringing Justice, where true Justice is due, it is important that truth surfaces when dealing with exactly how modern-day Caucasian / European colonizers at North America have been fueling their madness, in their constant attacks on natural people of said 'African-descent'. In more recent years, people have been standing-up to extreme colonialism, and the violence that accompanies it, by historically contracted privileges temporarily granted to bounds-overstepping colonizers at North America, for which they have long since superseded by fraud, willful negligence, failure in contractual performance, racketeering, color-of-law practicing, extreme conspiracy with prejudice against natives of said 'African-descent', human trafficking, genetic exploitation and cannibalism, hate crimes against aboriginal and indigenous people, treaty violations, crimes against humanity, and overall acts of genocide against global natives of said 'African-descent, just to name a few. International civil communities honouring ancient cultures of aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent', have been outraged at the malicious behaviours and activities conducted by Caucasians / Europeans at North America, feigning as Al Moroccans / Americans through their naturalized citizen status from over a century ago. The arrogance displayed and demonstrated by colonizers at North America, has been appalling to civil international communities across the globe, as well as conscious heirs to the estate at North America / North Gate Estate, who have been witnessing the continual commercial mercenary activities of colonizers, who sit in the comfort of their afforded housing / apartments / buildings on stolen lands belonging to natives / inhabitants, as squatters, while they act in extreme hostility in every opportunity, to slander, defame, and even murder the aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent'. The travesties that colonizers created through social media, has been compelling enough public evidence for the civil world to take action to end the colonization against the rightful heirs to North America (not corporate State / U.S. Citizens pretending to have sovereignty), while colonizers continue to build up massive arsenals and weapons of mass destruction to continue partaking in blatant genocide against the heirs / ancient inhabitants.

While free speech and free press is a Constitution for the united states of American / united States of America Republic (1791 A.D.) guarantee, in no way does it empower colonizers to effectuate their afforded 'confederation' privileges to act under false pretenses to slander, kidnap, human traffick, injure and murder people of said 'African-descent. What the world is witnessing now, is exactly how Caucasian / European colonizers have been using Social Media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, to attack natural people of said 'African-descent', with their "paid-off" accounts of 'Likes' and 'Followers', as well as networking conspirators playing in the misprision of treason, for which the owners of the platforms rank their accounts higher (while receiving financial incentives) for more public reach and display and overall exposure to the world, it is no wonder why so many at North America are still confused as to what is really taking place by known 'organized criminals' operating at North America, while pretending to be civil and 'For the People'. By now, many should already be fully aware of the dangers of feeding into the colonizing ploys used through social media platforms that stir emotions of hatred and confusion, intentionally, while the enemies of humanity profit to the extremes off of the hundreds of millions of people basking in utter ignorance. There are 'public profiles' on social media platforms, where Caucasians / Europeans blatantly show off their colonial supremacy, brandishing 'firearms' to incite violence by intimidation and practically daring copper-complexion natives (mainly the unsuspecting) to do something about it, while they continue to intentionally 'Divide & Conquer' communities of said 'African-descent', while they pretend to sympathize and empathize the historical plight of the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America. There has been much destruction lingering on the horizon at North America, in the form of public violence and decolonization efforts, specifically due to the in-bred nature of colonial hostility refusing to 'Cease & Desist' on all levels of society (even online).

There has been much 'confederate reverse psychology' operating through the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida administration and its subsidiary CITY OF / City of and COUNTY OF / County of operations pretending to 'enforce law', which is only public policy for those who knowingly, willingly, and with competence take part in it for some sort of benefit(s). However, there are supreme law of the land mandates that each corporate State administration is bound and obligated to, without compromise. Every corporate State By-Law / Sub-Constitution must adhere to (and be completely in harmony with) the Constitution for the united states of America / united States of America Republic (1791 A.D.) or it is "notwithstanding". In other words, such corporate State By-Laws / Sub-Constitutions are void if they are not abiding entirely by the parent contract (constitution for the Republic / People) and the Mother Treaty for North America Republic. Any and all confusion that is portrayed by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America, is simply their pretending not to know what they are bound to, so that they can get others to follow in their overall punishments and penalties prescribed, should they all not adhere to the supreme law of the land and bring about the extreme karma that comes with it (no matter how negative it plays out for them). Again, anyone can witness the madness behind the schemes perpetuated by colonizers at North America, since the outcome will take toll on all colonizing perpetrators using reverse psychology to get people to join their mentally-ill dispositions of continuing their charades against aboriginal and indigenous heirs to North America. The 'mob mentality' of all colonizers, is to genocide the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent' in any way possible, whether directly (by direct attacks) or indirectly (by influencing others to commit such crimes against humanity). Overall, it is the very mind control mechanisms and techniques used through news, internet, social media, and even radio still. The types of abuses that colonizers conduct against copper-complexion natives, has been historically going on and on without punishments and without true remedy and reparations to the Al Moroccan / American heirs at North America.

Here are some simple 'Screen Shots' of the type of belligerent slander that goes on in modern-days against natural people of said 'African-descent'. The views expressed in these Social Media posts are not only public, but both slanderous and full of hatred, regardless of the type of said "news" coverage points of view utilized. Free Speech does not mean any naturalized citizen can slander and demonstrate undeniable hatred against anyone.

In the clips from predominant Social Media accounts and posts, having either privileged social influence or conspiring followers, who actively support misprision of treason, slander, and hate crimes against humanity, the particular social media and colonization-format issue presented, revolves around a suspect of said 'African-descent', alleged to have shot six (6) people causing injury, in what is being relayed as a "shooting spree" by racketeering media narratives coming from a corporate agency operating out of the STATE OF VIRGINIA / State of Virginia, identified as INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW, from where this story seems to be making "headline news" concerning COUNTY OF ORANGE / County of Orange so-called 'Sheriffs'. However, all facts still have not been presented for competent public awareness and scrutiny of the media narrative, nor has any substantially-accurate information been given as far as any concrete evidence that the suspect is actually guilty of the accused crime(s) or the motive involving the shootings; and if the said 'suspect' has indeed committed any real crimes outside of self-defense. As history has proven, there have been hundreds of thousands of staged entrapment crimes conspired by co-intel colonizers, simply to enforce false agendas in support of color-of-law practices and policy-enforcing all over North America for continued profiteering endeavors. Many intelligent people speculate on the fact that, if there was no financial (or other) incentives involved for the colonial agencies to 'Act' in the ways that they do, would they even be spending their 'time' trying to convict anyone of any alleged crimes? Colonization motives cause the rightful procure to the real questions made by competent people, who understand true international law (not foreign policies for shareholders to such policies traded to the world).

Right now, many are simply pondering on prima facie evidence by what many have known to be a corrupted corporate COUNTY OF / County of administration, operating as a subsidiary to the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA administration. The reputation of the policy-enforcers operating through the agency is far from impeccable, yet colonizers are quick to support them due to such agencies being a part of the overall colonization effects still taking place at North America, to date. It is simply a 'clear and cut' reaction of Caucasians / Europeans demonstrating their true hatred and evil intentions against aboriginal and indigenous people, who have been enslaved, conditioned, severely abused, socially engineered, and impoverished at North America for almost two (2) centuries since colonization became prominent by profiteering racketeers of European / Caucasian-descent. In no way does such an understanding by knowledgeable people, promote the support of anyone who truly commit real crimes against humanity (even if they are rightful heirs).

Many are fully aware that the agenda (even by social media trolls and Caucasian / European colonists), is to eradicate the rightful heirs to the estate, by any means and by any methodical tactics, that put scapegoat theory relevance into play against all natural people of said 'African-descent'. One of the main things that strikes the minds of many witnessing corporate tyranny at North America, is that colonizers still remain at North America, when they can easily go home back to Europe and the territories where they originated. Yet, they still remain at the North Gate Estate / North America, attacking all natural copper-complexion natives (even the peaceful) to create conspiratorial schisms for conquering the minds of the unsuspecting and / or conspiring associates, who literally "buy into" fraud, chaos, negativity, propaganda, deception, and misprision of treason against Al Moroccans / Americans at North America. Until the light of truth comes from the lips of the very oppressing colonizers at North America, who have spent decades building the 'Doctrine of Discovery' that was already deemed to 'Cease & Desist', matters will only get worse for colonizers. The corporate State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA - U.S. Citizens of Caucasian / European-descent (and their 'hybrid' offspring) have a long history of colonization to make rapid reparations for at Flores, and give remedy to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans for that territory.

*Please Note: In no way is this editorial supporting anyone who is truly guilty of crime such as 'murder' or injuring the innocent, nor does it incriminate those defending themselves against attacks from others (even police and said 'sheriffs'). Therefore, nothing in this article is to be misconstrued as advocating for the man of said 'African-descent', who has been accused of any crimes by corporate State of / STATE OF - COUNTY OF / County of (feigning as allodial counties for the people) colonial administrators, personnel, staff, and employees wearing uniforms, pretending to 'Serve & Protect', when historical track records prove otherwise, as evidence, all over North America. With that being said, the Moroccan Press Team refutes any and all fraud and attacks on the free press and free association at North America and by de jure international law standards, in calling-out colonization for what it truly is, presented as international news and / or public notice via this website. All perpetrators who condone administrations, like the STATE OF FLORIDA / State of Florida, to promote colonization at North America, by allowing foreign U.S. Citizens, corporate STATE NATIONALS / AMERICAN STATE NATIONALS, corporate AMERICAN STATE CITIZENS (by misprision of treason and / or lack of national origin knowledge), Dual Citizens (by fraud and deception), etc., etc., as the list goes on as far as those who identify outside of their natural bloodline-descent origins, by genuine historical archives and allodial birth records (not corporate State certificates issued by corporate hospitals for stock 'chattel property' administration) dating back centuries and even thousands of years, to this day.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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