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City of Orlando Police Predators

The CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT, operating through the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO, which is incorporated as a fictitious entity through the STATE OF FLORIDA, established in 1875 [A.D.], has spent decades at North America as a military force only. The military operations at North America, under the Roman Unum Sanctum operations, has left the aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, not only under foreign occupancy, but under Threat, Duress, and Coercion to a foreign military corporation feigning as 'Law Enforcement'. The business entity has historical ties to the Fraternal Order of Police, which is a masonic brotherhood of foreign Caucasians / Europeans and others of said 'African-descent', who historically agreed to persecute, oppress, harass, intimidate, commit crimes against humanity towards, and commit blatant acts of genocide against the copper-complexion aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American natives on North American soil. In recent months, Pope Francis put forth yet another effort to end the Doctrine of Discovery colonialism at North America, which is in direct relation to Police / POLICE DEPARTMENT persons practicing Color-of-Law and Color-of-Authority against copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America. Every military-style foundation at North America, not owned and operated by upright, honourable, natural, conscious, national aboriginal and indigenous people of said 'African-descent, operating only in protection of the copper-complexion natural people, is a colonizing endeavor perpetuated by Caucasians / Europeans still trying to genocide the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America since colonizers were historically granted an opportunity to civilize and grow at North America, afforded by the original Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States 1787; 1836 [A.D.].

Original Article Date: 23 May 2023 [A.D.]

Photo of actual CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT employees practicing predatory activity on the land at North America. The corporate Police / POLICE vehicle is parked on the sidewalk on the outside of the LYNX CENTRAL STATION building, as the employee hiding inside the vehicle watches natural people of said 'African-descent' traveling by bus, where no alleged 'incidents' have even taken place.

Ever since the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO administrator persons, John Hugh "Buddy" Dyer was put on public notice back in the calendar year 2021 [A.D.] by an actual heir to the estate, who was harassed and threatened by Police / POLICE employees trespassing and practicing Color-of-Law on them, the administrators (so-called Council) to the corporate City of / CITY OF operations have been extorting funding, along with the corporate STATE OF FLORIDA administration, to employ more policy-enforcers to conduct themselves the same against all aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American natives of said 'African-descent'. In adversity to the supreme law of the land, as clearly outlined in Article VI within the Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America Republic (1791 A.D.), all persons of Caucasian / European-descent and anyone assisting them in any way, are committing high treason against any heir to the North Gate Estate / North America, for which the Constitution for the united States of America / united states of America applies directly to. Although the majority of the colonizing Caucasians / Europeans at North America pretend that the lawfully binding contract does not apply to them, they are subject to all of the penalties and punishments prescribed by international law, which are not only the aboriginal treaties, but the federal laws (United States Codes of Law) in harmony with de jure laws in protection of the copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent' at North America.

The public employees operating through the corporate CITY OF ORLANDO and the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT have attempted to claim themselves 'sovereign', as they operate through a dead and fictitious entity that was never authorized to be operating on the land to begin with. The corporate CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT was never granted any Delegation of Authority Order, which was a Republic privilege afforded to a once Republic form of said 'government', in the form of a public Congress, which was supposed to be absolutely transparent and only in absolute Service to the copper-complexion natives and their naturalized citizen subjects. Since the United States Congress (i.e. House of Representatives and Senate) adjourned in Sine Die back in 1933 [A.D.] (House Joint Resolution 192), they forfeited ALL of their once afforded privileges, while doing commerce-only at North America, in service to the rightful heirs to the estate, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'. This is the reality that all persons of Caucasian / European-descent try to hide, while they continue migrating their amalgamated offspring and hegemony persons from other countries to portray diplomats or other claimed statuses to further colonize North America. They also keep the North American ports / borders open to other amalgamated, hybrid Caucasians / Europeans migrating to North America to overpopulate the estate in total oppression against the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent'. It has proven for decades to be a vicious military cycle, as colonizers continue to populate North America, only to do fraudulent commerce, stake fraudulent claims through corporate State of / STATE OF, City of / CITY OF, and County of / COUNTY OF operations, where the colonizers create foreign negotiable instruments and phony 'Legal' documents that have effectuated the very Doctrine of Discovery that Pope Francis himself refuted on the 30th Day of March 2023 [A.D.].

It is the very colonialism and predatory activity by policy-enforcers, including corporate agencies feigning as 'Sheriffs', which have continued the Unum Sanctum operations and Doctrine of Discovery fraud at North America. Now, with so many foreign colonizers at North America, the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans have been overwhelmed with getting their estate back in rightful order under their free national status and rule, as foreigners from different countries keep trying to make land and resource claims on North American soil, in adversity to what belongs to all of the rightful heirs of said 'African-descent'. The Police / POLICE DEPARTMENT persons continue to try to place themselves by military fashion of harassment, force, and violence, against all rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America.

The Police / POLICE agencies have no business interfering with any affairs pertaining to the rightful heirs, as those colonizers have spent decades 'kidnapping' and even killing rightful heirs to the estate for such heirs making lawful land and resource claims as peaceful as possible (given that they did not have to fend for their lives by means of violence) at North America. The overall objective of every single Police / POLICE DEPARTMENT persons operating on North American soil, has been to conduct themselves in military war tactics to keep the rightful heirs from reclaiming their land / estate. The outcome of estate restoration, is colonizers being removed from the land / estate, which is one-hundred fifty plus years long overdue.

The following video recording evidence was provided to Moroccan Press at North America to aide in sharing the truth behind Police / POLICE employee belligerent activities at North America, which stem from historical colonialism and violates the birth-rights of aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America. All International Rights Reserved.

Video evidence of the types of predatory activity conducted all throughout Florida, by CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT employees and other Police / POLICE - Sheriff / SHERIFF agencies practicing Color-or-Law and Color-of-Authority at North America.

While the CITY OF ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT employees continue their predatory activities against any and all rightful heirs, they are willingly (by willful negligence) setting the stage for the public wars that have been foretold, which would remove them anyways. The incompetence demonstrated by Police / POLICE employees in modern-days, stems from the historical onslaughts of natural people of said 'African-descent', who suffered temporary defeats from wars, having given the colonizing Caucasians / Europeans the advantage over peaceful people, who's lands were stolen from them at North America. Being armed and dangerous, while political colonizers acting as 'Mayors' and 'Governors' have done their best to keep the rightful heirs from exercising their birth-right to bear arms, without corporate State statutes, ordinances, or codes fraud interference by the colonizers who own the gun and ammunition commerce stores all over the organic land in opposition to the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccan / American native heirs, Police / POLICE persons deceived their way into mainstream society as so-called 'Law Enforcement'. The corporate States have been historically pushing fraudulent political mechanisms, forcing the incompetent public to adhere to natural people allegedly needing a Driver's License (or other foreign, fraudulent negotiable instruments and ID's) to purchase an arm with the fraudulent Federal Reserve Notes still circulating throughout North American land since the 1900's.

In recent days, corporate States have been placing all types of distractions in the mainstream media, concerning the fraud that many of the colonizing persons of Caucasian / European-descent, operating through the corporate States, have been historically doing to rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America. One story that received recent publicity is a copper-complexion native, forced to be impoverished and left on the streets to fend for himself, was strangled to death by a colonizing, military persons (i.e. corporate U.S. Marine), who attempted to justify murdering an unconscious heir to the estate, who suffered extremely in life due to the brutal murder of his mother back in 2007 [A.D.]. The modern-day colonizers, of course, justify the murder of a copper-complexion native, who had no idea what has really been going on against him and his family. However, by controlled media and false Police / POLICE narratives, owned by colonizers, the average person would not suspect the hidden agendas and intentions by colonizers and the truly foul play involved in the murder of a rightful heir to the estate, who had no idea who he was in this life. This is a prime example of how the dark politics taking place at North America, are being construed and manipulated by the modern-day Caucasians / Europeans, who will go right on public social media platforms and demonstrate their savagery and hatred for the copper-complexion natives, where the majority of them still have no idea who they truly are and fall into false and incompetent arguments, based entirely on misnomers and fake labels / brands / identities created by colonizers. The world still has yet to see the so-called 'government', still fraudulently occupying North America, to pass public legislation to openly protect copper-complexion natives of said 'African-descent', mislabeled as other brand names (or public labels) to create wrongful statuses and effectuate what colonizers refer to as "legal abuses" against rightful aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said 'African-descent'.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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