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City of Orlando Florida Promotes Homosexuality and Lesbianism by Colonization

Over the years after the Club Pulse incident that took place back in 2016 [A.D.], the City of Orlando corporation administration has made extreme efforts to promote "Gay Pride", where colonizing Caucasian / Europeans can openly display their privileges at North America, in the personal sexual preferences that influence and distort the viewpoints of a normal society, by opposite gender attraction by nature. It has become quite apparent by many, that the City of Orlando, located near Orlando, Florida at North America, has become a deeply rooted breeding ground for lust and perversion that Caucasians / Europeans continually infringe upon the rights of others, to demonstrate colonial hostility through exercising what they consider their "constitutional rights," while they blatantly disregard the rights of others, who realize the disgusting nature of same sex relationships. Such demented behaviour only separates male from female, in the original order of nature by pro creation between opposite genders... not the same.

Original Article Date: 12 June 2022 [A.D.]

City of Orlando Police Department instructs its Police employees to advocate LGBTQ as Orlando Gay Pride Day to corrupt society, including children.

Since the Club Pulse shooting that occurred at corporate address 1912 South Orange Avenue, Downtown Orlando, State of Florida at North America, the irresponsible administration for both City of Orlando and County of Orange have made it their utmost agenda to corrupt all societies near the corporate City of Orlando area. The original club shooting in 2016 [A.D.] sparked an opportunity for Caucasian / European colonizers at North America to find yet another means to promote commerce by finance-producing mechanisms (even corrupted and perverted) to influence the said 'public interest'. The desperation of such persons pretending to be government, while they are nothing more than corporations doing business (predominantly illegal) at North America, has reached the point of the expression of private sexuality upon the public land, for all to witness. And, now with police employees protecting their interests of their racketeering employers, who are only interested in control, manipulation, and overall corrupting the minds of people who have no idea what is really taking place in the utmost war against the people, by religious, political design, as all of the politicians and church organizations also support the lustful dispositions and public display behaviours of LGBTQ communities banning together to show the world how sick they can be in advocating alleged "rights" on a land that was never their own.

On this very day, the alleged "National Monument," deemed by Joseph Biden, said 'Commander-in-Chief' for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION COMPANY, doing business at North America, has been flooded with corporate persons tourism and news stations, to put in the minds of the average person, that it is okay to act outside of the natural order of life, which brought them all to the Earth plane, through the Mother and Father divine union... not two men sodomizing each other, nor two women performing cunnilingus on one another, all for the sheer sale of pleasure only (not to be confused with genuine Love). The alleged "Love" that homosexuals and lesbians most likely feel for one other, is the love of lustful acts on one another and physical pleasure stimulation only. They may love what their said "significant" other does to them physically for pleasure, as society has been extremely conditioned to enjoy pleasure outside of true love between man and woman, mother and child, brother and sister, by the natural order of distinguished Love... not pleasure disguised as Love. Such types of misconceptions are heavily promoted to the extreme around the City of Orlando, insomuch as for the administrators and commissioners to these corporations to use public (tax-derived and commerce-profits) funds to fuel sexual filth, disguised as normality to the unsuspecting or uneducated persons and natural people, who were not afforded a chance or opportunity to know and fully understand the truth behind such perverted behaviours as homosexuality and lesbianism. Consequently, the State of Florida politicians of Caucasian / European-descent (and their heavily compensated servants) have violated the rights of everyone to be heterosexual, in the natural order of life and the very existence of humanity as it was originally meant to be.

The fateful reality of the constant attacks upon competent people, having naturally inhabited Flores, the land of flowers called "Florida" as in intentional misnomer reconstruction of the original land territory identity, belonging originally to the natives to North America, has already "sunk-in" in the awakened consciousness already manifested. The major issue that many natural order beings are dealing with now, is the fact that police employees, as the hired mercenaries for corporate Cities and Counties, are policy-enforcing the extremely distasteful and mentally-ill behaviours of homosexuals and lesbians, against innocent children, who have no idea what is really going on, aside from what they see in the adults responsible for them, assigned to teach them right and good... It has become apparent that malicious corporate persons, playing roles of Commissioners, Administrators, Public Servants, Police, "CEO's", Board of Trustees, etc., are targeting real Love between male and female, by nature, as well as the innocence of children, simply to negatively influence the upcoming generations to accept such perverted behaviours as homosexuality and lesbianism, only to try to pave the way for a dark and confused society, full of lust and perversion and separating man from woman in the natural, pro-creation order in place by the cosmos and divine forces for existence.

In spite of all of the "Gay Pride" movements around the City of Orlando, State of Florida, there are still those who love and appreciate the opposite gender, for the creation of real, loving families, with real, morale ideals and genuine connection to the true Creator... not some fabricated religious dogma having deceived people to keep believing in a Caucasian / European-looking saviour working for some paleolithic man in the sky, allegedly awaiting the judgment of each and every soul upon the Earthly plane, who do not follow "his" rules and so-called "divine will", somehow specifically entrusted to Caucasians / Europeans to preach to the world. Until real humanity comes completely out of such misconception, by forced darkness, they will be specifically and individually doomed, by the very masters they have believed, trusted, and served for generations. Such enlightenment is truly meant for the natural people to the land at North America to really "wake up" and stop the madness plaguing the land by foreign frauds and continued usurpers to their estate.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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