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Chinese-Americans Robbing Natives via Price Gouging Tactics

It has been reported that businesses operated by China native citizens, through the State of Florida at North America, have been stereotyping natives to the Americas, by assuming that they have no competence with the business processes and the tax imposition made by corporations (whether foreign or domestic or both) being liable for taxes for corporations only. There is a local business called MeiAsian CHINA BUFFET, located on the corporate street called [International Drive], owned by an alleged private citizen of the Republic of China [dual U.S. Citizen], only identified on public records as "Ms. Huang". This operation has been known to swindle people of copper-complexion, said to be of "African-descent", by adding aggravated fees (alleged to be tax) for their 'buffet' offered to the public, which are undocumented by sales tax records for the business, with their State of Florida registration. This has become a serious concern for the natives to North America, as there is much politics going on with China overseas, while some of their citizens are wreaking havoc in the financial extortion of the natives and heirs to the estate at North America, for which such persons operate upon the land for profits.

Original Article Date: 8 August 2022 [A.D.]

This is the front of the restaurant called MeiAsian CHINA BUFFET, located at: [8255 International Drive, Orlando, Florida] at North America

It is becoming more and more apparent in the public eye, that foreigners, who have been doing business via the United States at North America, for decades, have been committing fraud and treasonous acts against the natural people to the very lands where they are conducting business for huge profits. North America has been a nesting ground for many China natives, who have been known to setup business "shops" and restaurants, in areas where either tourism is popular, or in socially and impoverished neighborhoods of copper-complexion natives, whose lands have been stolen and usurped by legal escheatment by foreign body politics. The reality is that Chinese businesses have thrived and lived off of copper-complexion people of said 'African-descent' for decades at North America, while deceiving those very same people, who unknowingly worshipped their cultures based upon aboriginal people in their native territories, who are historically known to be of said 'African-descent'. The very natives to North America, who Chinese natives have been plotting on by financial exploitation, reverse culturalism, and using the same tactics of the very oppression that they produce in dramatic movies to show the world their historical struggles, all while subjecting the natives at North America to the same struggles, by misprision of treason, along with U.S. Citizens who have strategically done the same against the natives to North America, for hundreds of years, to date.

The truth has been coming to light, as more and more of the deception is being exposed at a rapid rate thus eliminating all credibility of the China Republic citizens, who have sold out to corporate operations, doing business as United States. A recent incident of such deception, is a local native visiting a Chinese-operated business near corporate Orlando, State of Florida, and the Manager / Owner of MeiAsian CHINA BUFFET, only identified as "Ms. Huang", attempting to financially extort the native, only to discover that the native is competent in the political affairs that has been taking place on the North American estate. Ms. Huang was questioned on her deceptive tax tactics against the native, only to shun the native and play estoppel, once the native exposed what she had been doing for years to all people of said 'African-descent', who have given their personal finance to support Ms. Huang's restaurant for decades. All the while, Ms. Huang has been robbing the natural, aboriginal and indigenous people to the land, by her price gouging tactics against natives to the estate, as well as other patrons from other countries. However, due to the status of the natives to North America, no taxes should ever have been applied to any sales of products or services to any native to North America. Consequently, the Chinese and U.S. Citizens, doing business for profits at North America, continually use deceptive tactics to completely avoid their tax liabilities that they all fraudulently pass on to the natural people to the land in all of their foreign profiteering endeavors. This type of fraud and deception happens tremendously around the State of Florida, while the Public Servants doing business through their corporate State, Cities, and Counties, continually ignore the fraudulent activities being conducted against the natural people, due to whatever private agreements they have with foreigners (including themselves) to administer the fraud and extortion, for their collective and collusive financial benefits.

Here is a photo of the woman who is said to be the Manager / Owner for the restaurant establishment known as: MeiAsian CHINA BUFFET

With so much political corruption going on around the world, and with so much at stake with the corrective things that the universe has in store for the ongoing injustices against copper-complexion natives at North America, who are direct descendants of the bloodline of the aboriginal and indigenous original inhabitants to the North American continent by birthright, one can only speculate the mental illness any foreigner has, who mistreats natives in such malicious ways as misprision of treason. The restaurant has yet to be reprimanded for their fraud. However, an investigation is underway regarding the establishment and the complaints submitted by competent heirs to the estate, for which it is a violation of the cosmic contracts put in place for all foreign business at North America.

When these types of abuses take place, it would be lawful for the deportation of foreigners back to their home countries, which does fall under Crimes against Humanity by international law standards. All foreigners doing business at North America are subject to such international laws, as they have all made direct and indirect binding agreements and pacts, involving the enforcement of international law, which cannot be rescinded, lest they knowingly and with competence waive all of their rights to any and all protections in any way, shape, or form at North America or simply go home and never return to North America under any premise, even in times of war. Many foreigners believe that nationality protection is a one-way street at North America since the national natives, who are the heirs to the estate, have been inactive by threat, duress, and coercion, while forced into a long-term sleep (mental unconsciousness of self and and self-worth) for so long. This was the direct result of foreigners colonizing their lands, territories, and resources, for selfish profits, for hundreds of years, and now is the time for it all to end.

Many colonizers, along with their foreign and domestic allies, are quickly experiencing the complete backlash of their systematic depravity, estate escheatment, and overall genocide agenda against all natural people of said 'African-descent' at North America, who are natives to the continent itself. There is no eluding the long-overdue penalties and punishments, when All-Law by de jure design, has been specific in upholding the birthrights of the natural people to the Earth itself. Many foreigners, still conducting shady operations at North America, have been warned over and over again, yet they still continue their malicious practices, only to soon realize that the natural people are not going to stand for it any longer. As always, peace can be achieved with sincere integrity and elimination of the source problem, but that certainly entertains the fact that such peace is being effectuated on a mutual basis, by all parties, not the natural people remaining at peace, while foreigners lie to them, abuse them, financially extort them, steal their land and resources, and try their best to wipe them off of the face of the Earth through biological warfare (including viruses, chemtrails, food poisoning, and other means of propaganda), along with extreme violence conducted by such foreigners. When the full estate restoration to the actual heirs to the estate is entirely and thoroughly fulfilled, giving their heirs back what has been rightfully theirs since the beginning of the chaos at North America, then the karmic debt can be alleviated, for those who created it for themselves.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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