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Asian Americans Discrepancy Against Rightful Heirs

There has been extreme political controversy concerning the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA company administrators playing the 'Divide and Conquer' military tactic against the rightful, true American / Al Moroccan heirs to the estate at North America. As international public awareness has become more evident since all types of corporate State public conspiracies have emerged severely, over the past four (4) years alone, it is a wonder as to why people still tolerate belligerent warring against the natural people at North America, who are the aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans of said 'African-descent'. The corporate UNITED STATES operations have passed a public policy (not supreme law of the land law), which clearly caters to Asian Americans from Central America, who migrate to the United States and take on K1 Visas and K2 Visas, to become U.S. Citizens, awaiting as migrants, refugees, and even insurgents against heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate. Such foreign policy is unlawful, yet unsuspecting people allow it, along with foreign aliens who support it, only seek financial incentives and benefits derived from corporate body politics, feigning as [government], on an estate that is not (and never was) their own. It is the responsibility of all naturalized citizens / immigrants, unlawfully residing at North America, to fully understand and realize the forced political dilemmas they partake in, by migrating to North America [misnomer United States] and deceiving the unconscious and rightful heirs to the estate, while playing into further colonization with foreign occupiers of European / Caucasian-descent for the public record. Ultimately no persons have any [United States Bill of Exchange] protections from misprision of treason against the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, disguised as [Hate Crime] sanctions (alleged protections) against any competent / conscious natural person suffering colonization abuses that empower foreigners to add to full-fledged usurpation and estate escheatment, conducted entirely by corporate State administrators / persons pretending to be AMERICAN STATE NATIONALS / AMERICAN STATE CITIZENS by deception, for a false sense of 'political asylum' from misprision of treason openly conducted by foreigners at North America. In addition, such fraud-based political 'Acts' have already been publicly identified, by international law, as crimes against humanity and acts of genocide, as it is the Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent' to the true estate, who are being drastically affected by foreign persons migrating to their land by hostile political takeover effects perpetuated by corporate States operating under the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA umbrella.

Image of what corporate administrators d / b / a UNITED STATES have been calling Asian Americans who have been migrating to United States in droves since [COVID 19 HATE CRIMES BILL 2021], which empowered migration of Chinese (and other) foreign citizens to take political asylum at North America for further colonization efforts.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Brands at North America

While the corporate UNITED STATES administration, with its said '50 States' enclave administrators feigning as [government] at North America, still conducting belligerent misprision of treason against the Al Moroccan / American heirs to the estate, consisting of aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said 'African-descent', it is a wonder why many public persons and politicians have been predicting 'World War III'. There has been much political activity against the rightful heirs to North America for over one-hundred fifty (150) years, to date, but the blatant warring against the natural people natives (heirs) has spiked tremendously over the past three years since the public nightmare of biological warfare administered against the natural people / republic, by foreign persons of Caucasian / European-descent (along with their financial allies) and their ill-gotten financial empire of absolute corruption around the globe. Of course, the administrative persons d / b / a UNITED STATES, have many foreign international and domestic allies assisting them in their publicly warring against Al Moroccans / Americans at North America. This has been well-known around the world since the public declarations and proclamations, made by the heirs themselves and international communities, have been heavily circulating the world as public notice, made by competent natural people around the world, along with heirs to the North American / North Gate Estate, as they have been making lawful international claims concerning their estate that foreigners have been occupying, fraudulently, for usurpation and estate escheatment processes only. There has been an extreme influx in 'co-intel' operations persons d / b / a bureaus and intelligence agencies, desperately trying their best to continually cause confusion and separatism military tactics, simply to keep the actual heirs to the estate from politically unifying as a free national body politic, In Propria Persona, with competency and independence from colonial occupancy fraud, induced by commerce greed through religious profiteering endeavors (Christianity) and hostile industry takeover profiteering endeavors by foreign bankers still pushing Federal Reserve Notes [and Cryptocurrency / NFTs] for financial control of the North Gate Estate / North America. Only the truly miseducated, willfully negligent, and financially compromised persons (and some people) actually "buy into" such fraud.

Being part of the corporate business d / b / a UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, foreign persons are invited to take part in the deceptive political affairs still present at North America, operating absolutely outside of the supreme law of the land constitutional fold of said [government]. The Bill of Exchange created by said 'Commander in Chief' for the UNITED STATES, implies political protections for foreign aliens, identified by the corporate UNITED STATES administrators and their corporate State enclaves (said 50 States), as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The bill is somewhat vague in its very nature, yet specific in a sense that it includes the brand name Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, referring to people originating from countries like, China, Korea, India, etc., etc. In no way does the public policy bill include Al Moroccans / Americans / Asiatics, who have been persecuted on their own land / estate since the 1800s. What the bill further purports, is that corporate States are afforded heavy finance through the public policy bill of exchange, disguised as 'federal grants', for which corporate State administrators can easily apply and receive Federal Reserve Note finance funding, to fuel incorporated / incorporating agencies to take part in further colonizing North America, in favor of political groups of interest, who are then solicited to become U.S. Citizens to help the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA continue to disenfranchise, colonize, and commit acts of genocide against aboriginal and indigenous heirs to the estate at North America, who are now under public scrutiny and fraudulent surveillance by policy-enforcers (Police and alleged 'Sheriffs') to create corporate data to fuel the fraud-based bill pretending to be de jure law. Police and said 'Sheriffs' have been politically given financial advantage (and incentives) by the corporate body politic operating in name only as 'United States', feigning as 'federal government' in favor of the natural people on the organic land at North America. With ill-motivated financial mechanisms in place for European / Caucasian colonizers, it has become evidentiary as to some of the racketeering methods they use to not only deceive the public (by removing any sense of competency by mental programming techniques) through false narratives supported by financial fraud, but also work against rightful Al Moroccans / Americans, who have been lawfully and publicly claiming their land and estate at North America over the last decade alone. The deceptive political movements made by belligerent trustees d / b / a Congress, have been purposely allowing the political bill of exchange spending by the very Federal Reserve Notes that they have total control over thus allow to be printed (at cost only) for circulation to all frauds who willingly (or indirectly forced to) take part in for European / Caucasian colonizing dominance. The financially-derived military tactic is how the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA administrators have kept their military dominance, by stolen financial power only, at North America. So as the Federal Reserve Note sustains any real value, so too does the fraud, crimes against humanity, and blatant acts of genocide continue against the aboriginal and indigenous rightful Al Moroccan / American heirs of said 'African-descent' to the North Gate Estate / North America. Those who take on the Asian American and / or Pacific Islander brands, who work against rightful heirs to North America, are not natural people seeking political asylum at North America, but are actually those who are willing to commit misprision of treason against aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans at North America, having heavily funded the blatant usurpation of North America, for the public record and knowledge-base.

Misconstrued "Public Interest" Becomes Fraudulent Public Policy

As All-Law is specific, ancestrally in benefit (not detriment) to the natural people of the organic lands around the world, as said heirs of 'African-descent' around the globe, there is no public interest or policy that is actual law. Law created ancestrally by aboriginal and indigenous people around the world, has always traditionally been for the benefit of the people / republic, for their well-being in societal relations with their free national (and some tribal) peers. All nations derived originally from the woman, who has been the original cosmic matriarch, mainly of aboriginal and indigenous women of said 'African-descent'. Since the fall of the original matriarch and the malicious takeover by the patriarch (rebellious men), which was intentionally written out of history, it has been the responsibility of conscious, sincere, and upright men to assist loving and sincere Mothers (matriarchs) of said 'African-descent' to restore divine order to planet Earth. Such a cosmic movement is in no way to be misinterpreted as arrogant, angry, belligerent, misguided, ego supremacy-based, feminist-dominating, corrupted, and son-hating women to try to reclaim such an honourable and Divine role and lawful status, for which they are not fully mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for. There has been much mental retardation conditioning (mind control) against the natural Mothers over decades of psychological warfare programming "paid-for" and promoted by colonizing Caucasians / Europeans and their willing foreign allies from European nations and elsewhere around the world. The mental conditioning attacks, conducted by Caucasian / European colonizers at North America, caused Divine Mothers of said 'African-descent' to hate themselves (i.e. low self-esteems, wearing prosthetic hair and nails, hating sons of their own aboriginal bloodlines, ignorant egotism mindset dispositions, extreme selfishness, lustful perversions, religious dogma perpetuation, etc.) for generations, causing severe public neglect of their own nations of men and women, which they unconsciously created and have been responsible for since their very own unknown cosmic origin.

The Public Interest derived from intentional falsehoods created by extreme colonization and global domination efforts, by European / Caucasian colonizers (and their foreign allies) bent totally on corruption, has been heavily promoted on television (tell-lie-vision), internet, radio, and technology-based military platforms, by malicious warfare tactics, to intentionally miseducate through mind programming, forcing paradigms that have already caused corrupted said 'Public Interest', which colonizing foreigners justify by a fraudulent sense of acquiescence by miseducated approvals of people (and persons). In modern days, as the public-at-large has been severely compromised in mindset, by television, internet, radio, and social media programming technology, people have a tendency to believe what they see and hear, while failing to critically analyze things dealing with corrupted politics that affect them directly, with true cognizance and intelligence. Instead, they blindly follow what the programmers deceptively forced them to believe and accept what has been presented as a false sense of public knowledge, while the fraud-based programmers have been heavily funded (by extreme financial privilege based upon financial fraud and exploitation of the natural people) to publicly promote their fraud and deception; people have historically been born into such deceptive programming for generations at North America. This type of compromised and forced assimilation circumstance, is but one of the malfeasance military tactics that confuses natural people, who are forced to interact with a heavily populated society of the extremely miseducated, by military design, who believe that he or she is being led and guided by political persons who actually care about them and who have their best interests at heart (which they do not and never did). Once a misguided public-at-large supports the miseducated public interest paradigm, the profoundly adverse party effects work entirely against conscious natural people, who already know and who already realize what is being done to violate his or her birth-rights, in complete retrospect to the historical programming (by military design) conducted to control the minds of all people, for the sheer benefit of the political bodies feigning as [government] and falsely ruling over the minds and bodies of mass populations all over the world. It is such crimes against humanity and acts of genocide that still go unrecognized publicly on a massive scale, to truly bring enlightened awareness to everyone, as such awareness is a birth-right to the natural people (along with civilized foreign persons), who are the aboriginal and indigenous natural people to the organic lands all across the globe, who are also the true Mothers and Fathers to civilizations historically created all over the world on every major continent and their adjoining islands.

This author of this article post chooses to remain anonymous, but does hold the intellectual property rights of all written material to this post and does have any lawful claim for plagiarism or copyright infringement - Moroccan Press Team

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