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The "Black" People Historical Fraud and Slander at North America

Moroccan Press Team

Jun 8, 2024

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The history at North America, concerning the very aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said African-descent, who are truly the historical American / Al Moroccan natives, has led to much political controversy in recent years. Evidently, the rightful heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America, who are the Al Moroccans / Americans (i.e. Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans), have spent over a century and a half having been fraudulently subjugated to Caucasian / European colonial abuses, which perverted true history at North America, which allowed such colonizers to deceive the copper-complexion natives to one of the greatest estates on planet Earth... owned by the rightful aboriginal Al Moroccan / American natives by law and inheritance.

The copper-complexion natives of said African-descent at North America, especially throughout territories like Flores, which is the original name for the ancestral territory belonging to Al Moroccans / Americans of said African-descent, now identified as "Florida", have spent decades under colonial abuses that led to extreme land theft after hundreds of thousands of aboriginal and indigenous Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans were historically killed-off by "settlers" of Caucasian / European-descent. The dilemma has been extremely subverted by hostile and dishonourable Caucasians / Europeans at North America, along with their compromised helpers of traitorous people of said African-descent, who betrayed their Jus Sanguinis ancestral descendants, only to indulge in lower-self gratifications of financial greed and political corruption that destroyed aboriginal North America; the America operated once in honour by upright Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans, Al Moroccans under the original Al Moroccan Empire at North America (not the Kingdom of Morocco formed in 1956 A.D. by limited political jurisdiction, intentionally).

Since the mid-1800s, when colonizers began their political and quiet betrayal against the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said African-descent at North America, Caucasian / European colonizers have abused the Mother Treaty created between aboriginal and indigenous Al Moroccans / Americans, which has been the Treaty of Peace & Friendship between Morocco and United States 1787; 1836 A.D. Once the Mother Treaty was effectuated by the late Moroccan Emperor Mohammed III, colonizers migrated to North America in droves to setup commerce shops for what was believed at one time to simply be for peaceful and friendly business relations between Moors / Muurs and Europeans on North American soil. The once friendly gesture of good will in friendly commerce, quickly led to the hostile political takeover of North America, by the very colonizers who were afforded the peaceful and friendly commerce platform, to allow colonizers an extremely limited nation-building mechanism for their social societies, which were always originally limited to the eastern borders of North America only (as in the thirteen (13) original colonies - along with the original 13-stars commercial banner (alleged first United States Flag, with the stars formed in a circle upon the banner afforded to Caucasian / Europeans at North America).

Evidently, as history took its altered course, colonizers at North America began a hostile military campaign against ALL rightful heirs of said African-descent at North America, after having funded themselves through commerce from North American soil, to eventually overthrow the aboriginal and indigenous confederacies, having consisted of upright and conscious Al Moroccan / American natives of said African-descent (i.e. Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans). The misprision of treason betrayal, conducted by the colonizers, which began around the mid-1800s, led to one of the greatest betrayals known to man and mankind to this very day (in 2024 A.D.). Not only were Moors / Muurs - Moorish Americans at North America extremely betrayed by intentional misprision of treason from Caucasian / European colonizers calling themselves "white", their estate was eventually stolen during the internal conflicts of the natives during certain said 'times', as well as the external opportunists (and native traitors amongst the Moors / Muurs), who simply waited for the sensitive moments to strike with military force, seize chronological records and other viable evidence to prove who the Al Moroccan natives truly are, both by lawful documents and even some truthful photos (not adulterated or image-altered by frauds), and eventually corrupt and overthrow the aboriginal and indigenous true governments all over North America. The colonial military siege hit the estate tremendously and gave colonizers the extreme advantage to rewrite and pervert history at North America, instituting total fraud, misconception, political controversy, and outright slander against the aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Moors, Moorish Americans, Al Moroccan natives at North America, to this very day.

As a part of the colonial fraud, deception, and full estate escheatment against the rightful aboriginal and indigenous heirs of said African-descent, the Caucasians / Europeans who temporarily conquered the Moors / Muurs - Moorish Americans at North America, came up with fraudulent and deceptive labels, to take the remaining rightful heirs of said African-descent (who were not slaughtered during the colonial military siege) out of their lawful status as human beings and aboriginal and indigenous peoples to North America in its entirety. Colonizers came up with the deceptive and fraudulent political label "black" people, which was used specifically against Moors / Muurs - Moorish Americans, to corrupt their true identities and intentionally disinherit the descendants of the rightful heirs who survived the massacres at North America that spanned for over one hundred and sixty (160) years to date, due to the fact that by international law standards, status and identities around the world were specific as to who owned what and what specifically their entitlements have always been historically. So as one can clearly understand from this simple truth, it was extremely important for Caucasians / Europeans at North America, to get Moors / Muurs - Moorish Americans, who are the true Al Moroccan / American natives, to believe (for over 150 years to date) that they have always been some "black" people. However, there have been historical traitors of said African-descent at North America, who have secretly helped colonizers propagate the "black" people label and control and manipulate the succeeding generations of Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans, Al Moroccans at North America for the last three (3) generations.

So as anyone who can read and understand the malicious political attacks from colonial frauds at North America, which have spanned for decades at North America against the rightful heirs to the estate, a natural person can clearly see why millions of aboriginal and indigenous people of said African-descent at North America have continually been referred-to (or even referring themselves to be) as "black" people (i.e. Negros, Coloreds, and even African-Americans and Indians), only so as to keep the political fraud and slanders going-on against the copper-complexion Al Moroccan / American natives of said African-descent at North America. And, as of now, the Caucasians / Europeans have been utilizing the extreme funding from the North Gate Estate / North America, to fund their political and military attacks, continually since the mid-1800s, against aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said African-descent at North America (i.e. Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans, Al Moroccans / Americans). Therefore, it is to be made publicly known that NO Caucasian / European is really a "white" person at North America, as "white" defined in lawful terms means "sovereign" and they are not the rightful sovereigns or heirs to the North Gate Estate / North America. One must look-up lawful terms in older Law Dictionaries (prior to the early 1900s when colonizers began changing books / literature to hide their historical deception) to truly understand what has historically taken place at North America by colonization. A Black's Law Dictionary (original 4th Edition and previous editions are good reference-point dictionaries for truthful law terms).

Consequently, Florida, which is politically termed by colonizers as State of Florida / STATE OF FLORIDA by political deception, is one of the primary territories where such political controversy, fraud, deception, slander, and misprision of treason has taken place against ALL aboriginal and indigenous peoples of said African-descent, where colonizers to this very day participate in fraudulent tourism via estate escheat mechanisms owned and operated by corporate colonial, commerce-producing agencies like the STATE OF FLORIDA administration (not government), the CITY OF ORLANDO administration (also not government), and COUNTY OF ORANGE / ORANGE COUNTY administration (definitely not government). Nonetheless, all of the administrations have the mass public totally fooled, while they financially extort the land belonging to Moors, Muurs, Moorish Americans, Al Moroccans, all who are one in the same people by bloodline (Jus Sanguinis and ancestry - even if from different cultures and territories all over North America).

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